Looking back and forward…

Alice in Wonderland | The Berman Summerstock

So, I am updating my website. Doing this requires that I go through my CV and other assorted information to make sure that I have all of the shows that I want to highlight on the website. Then, I get to search for a bunch of pictures to put together my galleries of images. This is my favorite part because I get to find pictures like this one.

These kids are all twice this size now. I am Aunt Elaine to all of them. Two of them drive, maybe three, one of them is writing her own books and stories, one is getting ready to graduate from high school, and all of them still have my heart. I love these kids!!! I am so glad I need to update my website, because it comes with beautiful memoires.

Soon I will be able to see them again, and I will hug them. A lot.

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